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Groundhog's Day cast a sinister shadow upon our future today.  No, not that large rodent -- but Leon Panetta, our sad looking Minister of Defense.  He speculated in private, and then in public, that Israel, in its refusal to allow Iran an atomic program,  intends to attack Iran in...
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My friend Steve Hauk recently posted a nice item about Leon Panetta. Here's a column I wrote about Panetta, published in the Monterey County Herald on Wednesday:    Whether the local hero is throwing TD passes on the football field or coordinating the elimination of Public Enemy No. 1, people love...
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There's always a surreal quality to death. When it is someone like bin Laden, it heightens. To the people of California's Monterey County it heightens even more, because Leon Panetta, CIA director and the guiding hand in taking down Bin Laden, is such an important part of this community. Panetta...
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What better way to celebrate the second night of Passover, and the eve of Good Friday, than with Leon Panetta, director of the Central Intelligence Agency's, news that his agency is "no longer" in the black site business, and that all remaining clandestine detention centers will be shut...
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        My husband Rick and I were talking about the nomination of Leon Panetta to head the CIA, and Rick’s immediate comment was “Of course he’s a right choice– you appoint from inside when you want continuity, and from outside when you need change.” We’ve been hearing a lot about change lately –...