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Earlier this week, I had a conversation with a friend about what might be called "fear of feeling too good." Both of us had observed how peak moments, when delight fills us to overflowing, can be dogged by a censorious voice: Be careful, the voice says. Don't get carried away! Sometimes...
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With the scent of lemon drops in my nose and the taste of their sugary tartness in my mouth, I started across the highway. The cars were going fast that early Sunday morning in Santa Monica as I, an intrepid two year old, crossed Pacific Coast Highway dressed in my bedclothes, a diaper and teeshirt...
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 In honor of the Sunday mini martini, here's a mystical concoction: 4 oz. Hendrick's Gin; waft of Noilly Prat dry vermouth, two lemon slices, two chilled mini martini glasses -- about 3 oz. each (mine are 1950s etched glasses from my Mother-in-law.  Back then, it was less volume, more repetition...