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    My mother is left handed.  She remembers the nuns at her Catholic school sternly admonishing her for this trait.  Instructed that it was improper to favor one’s left hand, she was pressured to perform with her right. She was lucky.  Many of her peers, suffering...
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Why is it that when I take a photo of myself I turn to the left?  When I used a mirror effect I chose the left side of my face to duplicate and I no longer had a round face.  Why is it I always hold my head to the left, my mouth droops to the left, and I taught math for 32 years to the left?  But...
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 Spotted on the Gazebo: this test to find out whether you're left or right brained.http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0%2C21985%2C22556281-661%2C00.html Most folks I know see the dancer as going clockwise, but you can get her to go counter-clockwise if you keep your gaze left of her and watch...
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As I hunker down attempting to take my two remaining completed works into print, I'm finding it difficult to improve my writing. My first two books show my weaknesses, now I must do something about them. Creativity I try to write as I talk, try to express thoughts as I think them. I try to paint...