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SLIGHTLY OFF THE MARK               It occurs to me that this column comes out on March 5th, my third wedding anniversary.             And by “occurs”, I mean my wife reminded me....
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By Stephen Leather http://stephenleather.com/ Plot Jack Nightingale is a London police negotiator whose final case is filled with tragedy and oddity. He only wants to move on and two years later finds him as a private detective. However, when he receives a call from an attorney informing him...
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Oglesby’s writings give the characters that freedom in a literary novel about human vampires procreating with a vengeance and their antagonistic villains of society, which are no better than the protagonist that switches places throughout the novel.
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This is a story soon to be published in Manoa Journal Winter 2010 issue. Here's a segment preview...   At the Love Leather   Mr. Le looked up one morning from mending a vest at the Love Leather and saw a very good-looking Asian kid, his oldest grandson’s age, maybe, seventeen at the most, staring...