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Not everyone who leads intends to. Some leaders are appointed. Others are hired. Many fall into the position through default. But David, a slightly built, African-American 12 year-old who rarely spoke except to say "no" or "please," managed to do what no other child had ever...
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Leadership, to me, comes from an understanding of one's self and the willingness to commit to a goal.  It is the ability to take a group or an organization in a direction that the group agrees it needs and wants  to go, with a vision that is created with input from everyone who has a stake in the...
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Leadership is a gift, and those who possess it are both admirable and praiseworthy.  Great leaders encourage and protect.  They help their cause thrive and take chances that some people would never even consider because they have faith in themselves and what they are doing. I've read many books...
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There are many leadership roles in the world today. Therefore, there are many leadership titles that one could expound upon. There is the role of the parent in the household that establishes a family and much like a business makes sure that everyone is stable and rooted with the goals and pursuits...
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Good leadership is hard to see.  In fact, the best leaders don't really leave a trail.  Things just keep working and then start working better.  Suddenly, you realize that the thing you are in is sailing down the river unimpeded.  The levees don't break.  The bridges don't collapse.  The floods don...
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"When people signed the Declaration of Independence, they weren't sure what was on the other side. That's how deep change starts: commitment and courage." –Red Room business author Dave Logan. Dave is offering his book, Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Powerful...