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Maybe it is different with novelists - we rarely send proposals to publishers until after we have completed the novel. There isn't too much speculation. Mind you, most of us don't write a novel and claim it is real, as one chap did (and got praised by Oprah). I just gotta say I do have some...
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I have not read these books and know nothing of the veracity of the infringement charges. I am surprised that anyone would try to pass off someones work as their own in this day and age.  The internet allows such a wide-reaching ability to check up on this type of thing (and to discover it in...
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  $5M suit over Jimmy Carter’s 'Palestine' book By BRUCE GOLDING They want more than just peanuts. A group of disgruntled readers filed a $5 million-plus suit against former President Jimmy Carter today over his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid." The Manhattan federal court...
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 Bryan Named President of Penguin Canada; Rundle to Return By Jim Milliot The Penguin Group has moved quickly to solve its Penguin Canada problem, announcing this morning that Penguin veteran Mike Bryan has been named president of the company and that it has reached an agreement with Lisa Rundle...