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I was talking to the author Scott Turow the other day—oh, did I just drop a name? I can drop more. On the same day I spoke to Dave Barry, Michelle Kaufman, Laura Barry, Eric Brandt, Deborah Warren, Elaine Petrocelli, and Beyoncé. Beyoncé says “hi.” Scott mentioned that it was Rosh Hashana—the...
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On a beautiful day in San Francisco 16-year-old Laura Ruth Barry had no trouble defending her San Francisco Parkside tennis crown, beating fellow American Sam Barry (who is, in an extraordinary coincidence, her father) 6-1 and 6-2. The match was actually more lopsided than the score would indicate...
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Kathi, my daughter Laura, and I are staying here in New York City with the Jewish Don of New York Restaurateurs, Kathi’s cousin Alice Cutler. Going out to eat with Alice is serious business. For instance, when we eat dinner at her family style Italian restaurant Carmine’s enough food is placed on...