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I don't want to talk about revolutions which have happened, but ones which should happen, and as this is a literary blog, I would like to do a shout of for the Latino writer or should we say: Donde estan? Or in my tongue of Portuguese: Onde sao? Or in my slag English: Where in the hell are they? Ok...
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I just attended a writers’ conference sponsored by Las Comadres, and featuring Marcela Landres, a well-respected Latina editor/speaker who give us the skinny on how to get published in today’s tough environment. The advice wasn’t pretty, or awful. It was the truth and nothing but with a small light...
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Anyone first introduced to the impassioned prose of Carlos Ruiz Zafón through his international bestseller, The Shadow of the Wind, will find it difficult to avoid comparing it to any follow-up to the novel. Where Zafón's latest release in English, The Angel's Game is concerned, that is both a good...