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I really resisted seeing The Perks of Being a WallFlower. To be honest, I haven't even read the novel it's based on. You're probably thinking "That's not like Jennifer; she reads everything." First off, thank you. Second off, it's a long long story. To quote Sophia Petrillo picture it...  May...
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People who want to be artists/writers often say, “I don’t have any discipline.” We imagine discipline as a character trait we do or don’t have, just as we imagine that talent is something we’re somehow born with, rather than a set of abilities developed over time. Very often, what looks like “lack...
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When I was maybe five or six, I had a dear friend named Theresa Lapicola. We hung out for most of the third, and much of the fourth grade.Often, after school, she'd invite me to her house for milk and cookies, and before indulging I'd go wash my hands. Her family kept the bathroom...