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Cleaning my desk I came across a small clipping I had saved about Bob Knight. It was dated Sept. 29, 200. 12 years ago.  I kept clippings about Knight because I was preparing for my Playboy interview with him, which would appear in March 2001.  My desk, obviously, was in severe need of...
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The spring I turned twenty-two, I was desperately trying to recover from a ravaging love affair that had changed me from a girl who was somewhat confident for her age and mostly happy, to one who was completely demoralized. It was not only the relationship itself, but the reactions to the demise of...
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Michael and I share a lot. We are close in age. We like music. We are both huge San Francisco 49er fans. So I, along with the rest of the known universe (and beyond), was shocked when Michael passed away late last month, much too young. (Please take note, God. Michael was 50-years-old—younger than...
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Michael Jackson was hardly cold when a perky anchor-ette from Entertainment Weekly popped up on CNN outside UCLA Medical Center with a scoop -- a photo of the dying singer inside the ambulance as paramedics worked to resucitate him (although one was evidently hoping his cell-phone battery would...
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Wow. Last week was heavily political, wasn't it? I'm not always like that, you know. In fact, before last year, I almost never discussed politics. I just wasn't into it. Instead, my time was filled with coming up with ideas for my novels or for great businesses. Yes, I'm creative. Check this one...
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Did you watch Larry King Live interviewing Micheal Moore? This interview gave me something to think about... It may not be all about politics. Micheal Moore is a really interesting person. I may not agree with all of his ideas, but I believe he speaks what his mind has analyzed. Well, that's my...
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WASHINGTON, D.C., June 16...Tim Russert's sudden death has inspired urgent medical questions, intense soul-searching and even some self-congratulation. The 58 year old host of MEET THE PRESS died of a massive heart attack last week while recording voice overs for his Sunday show. An autopsy was...