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Read an interesting post at Story Fix the other day, Left Brain, Right Brain or No Brain At All, by Larry Brooks. I'm mostly self taught in fiction writing and on continuous missions to learn more about others' processes.  Insights I find to explain what I'm going through are small treasures....
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I used to be a "discovery writer." Oddly enough, I didn't even know there was a name for my writing style until just a couple of years ago, so far into my rabbit hole was I. Back then, I began a book or story on the strength of a head full of images, voices, snippets of plot and...
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*Guest Call-in to join the discussion: (347) 857-3752 Listeners, click on this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/prempromotions/2009/08/04/Authors-Articulating-with-Jo-Anne-and-Larry Be entertained! Listening to these two dynamic speakers, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen and Larry Brooks, sizzle with...
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Join these two dynamic speakers, Jo-Anne Vandermeulen and Larry Brooks, on Blogtalkradio, talking about the importance of building an author platform and why the marketing strategy must start now. AUTHORS - This is your chance. Deliver your author platform and pitch your book. READERS - Be ready...