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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show  Joe Mullinax joins Phil to help Fantasy Basketball owners prepare for the playoffs with advice and a ton of sleepers and waiver wire replacements for injured or unproductive roster spots. Tom Lewis joins Phil to discuss the...
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On New Year's Day, I got a phone call from my older sister Sally.  I figured it was just a friendly call wishing Rob and me a happy new year.  It wasn't.  She said she had just received a call from my cousin Larry with some bad news.  Knowing that our (maternal) aunt lived with...
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I'm  a grown man actually looking forward to the Farrelly brothers new homage to those psychotic, hyperkinetic knuckleheads from New York, The Three Stooges ...  My inner 8-year-old, who's still down there somewhere inside me after all these decades, is yearning for more of the Stooges'...
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Happy Holidays everyone! Are there wrapping paper, tape, scissors, ribbon, bows, cookies, candy, Hershey Kisses everywhere?  Yikes, we had near disaster tonight in our Christmas/pet chaos. It's been raining for four days, and our dog Larry has been spending time inside with us during the day rather...
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On my tenth birthday, my parents had my brothers and I pile into the car and we headed north. I remember wondering where we were going, and when we passed by the beach and kept going toward San Luis Obispo, they really threw me for a loop. I had no idea what was happening. Even when we pulled up in...
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Boom, Kaboom…. Crash, Bang, Boom! Yesterday, Larry turned nine years old. I will never, ever forget the day my mom brought him home to us. He was only 7 weeks old; he had a big, pink belly, and his ears were bigger than his body. He loved snuggling in his blankets then, and he hasn’t lost the joy...