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Today I became a member of the International Network of Prison Ministries. The Internet is a wonderful tool for those who are persistent and of all my character traits it’s my strongest. I’ve been traveling through cyber space for months trying to find a list of all the chaplains at all the prisons...
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April is Child Sexual Abuse month. It heightens my awareness of the need to stop this deadly epidemic.  We need more Lamplighter Chapters, a place for victims to go to tell their story; we need an army. Part of my goal is to give a clear understanding of what is going on with this subject.  So many...
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Just when I'm coming to grips with the amount of child sexual abuse that occurs I begin to think about women's prisons.  I start hearing statistics like one in four women in prison are sexually assaulted, 20% of inmates in men's prisons are sexually assaulted and 50% of women in prison were...