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  Dress Rehearsal – Christine Hamm     Someone calling, Mira, Mira, not so close. A white lake. Something frozen, stepping on something frozen and uneven. The seagulls clatter, pull the clouds into filaments. The moon, a lopsided mouth, enters your body and you drown again. Last...
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  After the gaudy melodrama of fall -- a hundred thousand extravagantly colored death  scenes attended by an equal number of gaping onlookers -- early winter is dull, almost boring by comparison.  Temperatures tight rope around the freezing mark, snow falls, melts, then maybe...
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I have three favorite cities and can't figure out which one I love the most.  London, England, Sedona, AZ and Petersburg, NE (population 380).  I live only 20 minutes south of Sedona which was voted most beautiful city in the US.  It is famed for it's beautiful red cliffs, deep canyons, countless...
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Readers often tell me they wish they could visit Willow Lake, because it's such a beautiful place in my books. Well, thanks to my publisher, here's your shot. They're giving away a 3-night vacation package at the historic Sagamore Hotel on Lake George. Please check out this press release about the...