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Is America humiliating India by riding on the case of a maid? Sounds illogical, but if true then it is bizarre. The incident in short: Devyani Khobragade, Indian deputy consul general in New York, was arrested for falsifying details on the visa of her domestic help Sangeeta Richard. She was strip-...
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For the past three days, I have watched gangs of criminals run wild in the city that I have chosen for my home. Distressing reports of looting, arson, random violence have filled tv screens and newspapers and social media. In these three days, I have grown angrier and sadder with every news update...
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Two days after Kate Middleton and Prince William walk down the aisle, a group of workers will take to the streets to celebrate the working class. If there is any contradiction it will be ignored. Or perhaps, there is no contradiction. The working class pays the least amount of taxes and...
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The school building is under construction. When I joined the triple storied building structure, it had only the pillars and a family of four, laboring there. I walked into the structure as the new principal of the new school, None to greet me, except a name board , a table and four chairs placed on...