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1.I looked into you as long as I could:But I didn't see any infinity.It’s just not there.I’m sorry.You are all here.2.Zen is all surface,No deeper than whatever is. pavel, skating the thin ice of presence
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What do we want to know?Not just “know”-ledge.Smart people know many things and impress with encyclopedic minds—a residue of fact and opinion.To see into the faceof a cat is to assimilate something significant.To be a world leaderwith a sense of humorand self-deprecationamid ease of global...
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I have been thinking about loss of knowledge when societies come to an end. My tribe faced that, and now all we have are scraps of info collected by an ethnographer and artifact collector, collected after the society had already lost most of its ancient ways. When I worked in Hawai'i, people were...
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Immigration has existed for millions of years, since the early beginnings of our presence on this planet for thousands of years and other living creatures have also immigrated long before our existance. We talk about illegal migrants from developing nations coming to the Western world for a better...
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“In a world where life has different seasons, we mustn’t give hope and believe we can make a difference.”     “We must not compromise what we stand for, even if some might feel offended by our values. Nor  must we apologize to the world for our values because they have shaped us to where...
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A while back I posted about the number of requests for help I get from people who have stumbled across my Japanese art blog whilst trying to identify and value their family heirlooms. And when I say 'request' I am being polite... I actually receive rather rude demands, and sometimes pretty...
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My stepmother, who I dearly love (I wanted to make that clear, since so often when people start a sentence with "my stepmother" it's about something they aren't happy about), recently sent me this link to a You Tube video, with the subject heading of "Incredibly...
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“Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” ~ Martin Fischer Early morning is usually my best time of the day. It is in the first couple of hours after I wake up that interesting thoughts pierce through the fiber of my awareness as needles sharpened by the...
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During a visit to see the local vet, Maris was sitting in a travel case, along with her sister, Mrs Peabody, when a woman in the waiting room asked if the noises being emitted from the case were being made by a hamster. When that woman was told that the girl responsible for the chattering was in...
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Anything that matters in this world isn't going anywhere. I guess that is a pretty obvious statement but it can be applied to so many situations, so many times and places in life when we fear losing the things that mean the most to us. I love to dance, but I always felt that if I was not constantly...