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Has that last light been turned off? Although spending a relatively short time on the world stage - 244 years - the Encyclopaedia Britannica was an, if not the, epitome of knowledge and civilization. No decent library was without a set, and every learned home had the alphabetical row along a wall....
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Google has released results showing that one hour of video is uploaded every second, to which I answer, seriously? Amazing! Cool! I'm a YouTube fan. Sure, the fighting cats and playing cats, and the goats and dogs are all cute, and the cat playing the piano and Simon's Cat attracts me once in...
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     Where does our knowledge come from? Where does it start? How long will we go on learning?      Knowledge is being absorbed by our minds from the instant we hear sounds. When our eyes first open, we are taking pictures of everything we see. We are being...
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I imagine much of my posts reflect a person who's been around a few decades. I've worked and pursued one career, and then another, and another. Then I paused to ask the classic question, "Is that all there is?" The question forces a search for new balance. I've come to terms with many things. I've...
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Eventually, we all realize we’re never going to be able to come close to understanding all there is to know in the world. But then, no amount of understanding can ever replace happiness, or the true understanding of a few things.
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I come from farmer stock (some generations back) and I once worked on a farm and I am writing a trilogy about onion farmers. It is fair to say I have an interest in farmers. Part of my trilogy deals with all the things farmers have to be beyond their ability to grow onions. They have to know the...
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Many a long year ago I worked in a library for two years.  There was not a computer in the building (and it was a university library). Every book had a card and pocket inside the back cover which the patron signed (yes - in hand) to gain access of the book. Too quaint for words. I did, for...
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V.S.Naipaul has not had dinner. At least, not with you. You are among the people he meets to concretise his ideas about the place he is writing about. You are raw material, and he cannot possibly sit with both a cooked meal and raw meat. At the literal level, yes. But I find some of his recent...
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I've developed habits of vetting information. The corporate world where I work sets up business controls and limits information, and spins everything. Vetting information is difficult in these circumstances. The military world had a security classification program based on 'need to know' which made...
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Something is thumping. I heard it last night as well. Both times it started at around 4:30. It begins sounding like popcorn is popping at a quickening pace. The popcorn finishes, leaving a thump, like someone is flicking a finger against the side of a cardboard shipping box, every two seconds....