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My overarching philosophy for life was delivered by my current job and employer.  "You don't know what you don't know, until you're told you don't know," summarizes the deal for me. We depend on systems, processes and people to do what they were told, trained, planned, hired, or installed to...
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Today's mantra is about having faith.   I laugh to myself writing that sentence.  'Today' summarizes a point of time that's a culmination of other points in time.   The mantra, have faith, is the same. As I thought about myself and my life in the last several days, I came to a...
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I know the digital world is here - I'm all for that, and e-books for common reading. Still, I hope these beautiful repositories of knowledge remain in use forever. See the link below for more views. flavorwire Visit my web site here, and my FB Fan page here.
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  According to Albertus Magnus, aka ‘Albert the Great’, teacher to Thomas Aquinas. , asserts the following: By reminiscence, sense, and imagination, the intellect proceeds from potentiality to actuality. When it acquires scientia (knowledge) it is the intellectus adeptus, (acquired intellect...
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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” –Marcus Tullius Cicero Recently, I was trying to organize my little boy’s books, which were so tightly crammed onto the shelves that grabbing one became a dangerous game of dominoes.  After pulling each one out, I sat surrounded by the...
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"You don't know what you don't know until they tell you that you don't know." This is my version of Catch 22, the most elegant and brilliant catch ever.   There is a catch to everything.  Life's style is that she likes to let you think you have it under control, then spring it on you. And...
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  October 21   REFLECTIONS OF YOU     When people meet me they listen and stare, then the familiar words tumble from their mouths, “there is something about you.”  I know it’s the reflection of every person I saw at the meeting last night, the sober voices that created them...
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Open the Eyes of my Heart Looking back on the benefit of passionate reading in my search for God, I’ve come to find that my search itself was the greatest journey that kept me from further harm of any false self-indulgence or misconceptions. That otherwise may have resulted in a never-ending search...
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  August 11   I KNOW     I know more than I understand.  I know more than I let on.  I know right from wrong, left from right, uphill from down.  I know you have my best interest at heart.  I know I often don’t.  I know it hurts when I fall but holding...
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The internet can be a mean and vapid place, fuelled by mean and vapid people. But it also can offer vast arrays of wisdom wealth.  I touch these surfaces every day in my research and my interests. And straying to those funny videos. So much is there and now, there is the promise of more. There...