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"At 7 years old, Gilad Elbaz [now a founder of a growing data mart, Factual] wrote, 'I want to be a rich mathematician and very smart.'" (NYT, Sunday Business, March 25th, 2012) He now is.  I am glad.  What's next? "The world is one big data problem," Mr. Elbaz says.  And he...
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Cognitions are the machinery of the mind. Mind Luddite, step back (metacognitively) to de-construct these self-deceiving machinations of consciousness!
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We seem to have a choice: to study the Variable or to study the Constant. In fact, there is no difference: to study that which always changes is to study the unknowable; to study that which never changes is to study that which is beyond knowledge. Choose your vector of dis-interest.
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    A Comment on Contemplation citing John. 20:1-10 As we come to a close of another season, let us take a moment to reflect and see which of the two disciples we are. A preliminary notation: a) When one reads this account, a few things need to be observed, for argument's sake, let us stay...
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     Don't you hate it when someone asks, "What's your IQ?"      One's IQ (intelligence quotient) is merely a number somebody had to figure out a formula to arrive at, and then later pat themself on the back for their personal ingenuity. Nicely done,... oh inventor of statistics that...
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The picture of the universe shifts from tongue to tongue. (Stuart Chase) Consider a soap bubble on a sunny day: what color is it? It depends, right? On what? On the angle of view. Certainty is an impasse. Reality is rarely (if ever!) either "this" or "that." Dichotomous (i.e....
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                                 Learning Is your Dance of Life1.    Some of our best learning is unlearning—when we      learn what we thought was true, isnt.2.    Some of our best knowing is not knowing—when we have       “beginners mind.”3.    “I am still learning.” Michelangelo at age 87.4.    ...
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Small Knowledge said: "Ji Zhen holds that the world was not created by anything, and Jiezi holds that it was created by something. Which is correct and which is wrong?"Comprehensive Understanding, as reported by Zhuangzi, replied: "Cocks crow and dogs bark." That's what Zhuangzi...
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At my epistemological best, I am a lucid dreamer, dreaming that I am awake. At my epistemological worst, I am blissfully asleep, believing in a distinction between fact and fiction. At my epistemological middle, I am the sound of one skull breathing and snoring.
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Zoo hypothesis is “the untestable hypothesis that the Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial civilization whose members have left no signs of their visits, presumably because they did not wish to disturb the development of the primitive life-forms they found. Such visitors might even be...