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It exists.  It’s there. A force field locked in.  There is nothing to ponder about. I know.   It’s fact not, fiction. No matter how you look at it this force field exists. Cut it, slice it, dissect it, this force field is unbreakable. None comes to mind in attempting to reason....
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There's something about the city lights, staring up at them, watching the snowflakes fall beneath the shimmer, a glistening of falling hope. It makes you feel faith slipping from your fingertips, the intricate prints intertwining with lost identity. There's something about the nightly walks I take...
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Life offers us many opportunities to learn, grow, feel and know. We have to pay attention and be open to receive its offerings. Our duty is to continue to evolve and become our highest self, while living in the "now", making memories along the way and most importantly, connecting with others....
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I love the story Nepo shares about the troubled man who visits a sage seeking advice. Confused and suffering, the sage looked deeply into his soul and then said, “You may have either a map or a boat. Which shall I give you?” Looking around at the many other sojourners, all of whom looked equally...
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"You don't know what you don't know until they tell you that you don't know." This is my version of Catch 22, the most elegant and brilliant catch ever.   There is a catch to everything.  Life's style is that she likes to let you think you have it under control, then spring it on you. And...
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I am holding in my hands the October 2012 issue of Scientific American. The cover features a giant synaptic gap between two neurons next to the following blockbuster headline: "The Language of the Brain: how the world's most complicated machine processes and communicates information." I am...
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In some ways, we are objectively Many (i.e. separate) but are subjectively One. In some way, we are objectively One and only subjectively Many (i.e. separate). But at the end of the proverbial (thinking) day, here's what I really think:             -
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Are there really NO answers in life? To the big questions, I mean? Is there a God? Is he a he? A she? An it? Where is God? I used to think God was “up there” somewhere or “out there” somewhere. But then, when I was young, I had no idea how impossible it is to wrap my head around “out there,”...
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It's not what you think.
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Blind justice (that doesn't see the inevitable context of any given event) isn't justice.  Such blind justice is plain old ignorance. But the justice that sees (the justice that factors in the context) is no justice either.  The justice without the blindfold - the justice...