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I was inspired to write about the Knights Templar and the Masons during the excitement surrounding Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”. My son Shane, was constantly schooling me about what he’d learned regarding secret societies and it inspired me to start looking into my own family's ties to the Masons....
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I find fiction a great way to explore our curiosities. Mine is a deep fascination with Freemasonry and its connection to early Colonial America. In my novels I hope I encourage the reader to ask such questions as: Who were the Knights Templar? What do they have to do with Colonial America? Why are...
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It seems that after many years of social crudeness that was growing more so, the era of the Knights and the idea of the "ideal knight" with all the spirit and manners of knighthood brought about a new style during feudal times. The idea of the valiant, courteous knight, generous even to foes was...
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  As a rule, I feel uncomfortable at church services.  It is not that I have an issue with God, or with churches per se.  I believe in God, and like most churches built at least 500 years ago.  It is the congregation.  Everybody looks so sorted.  The serene smiles, the...
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Is it just me or does the number thirteen appear suspiciously often in this little research tidbit? Coincidence or not, it was on the "thirteenth" day in 1307 when France's King Phillip ordered the Knights Templar rounded up and put into chains. In 1872 "thirteen" Freemasons met at New York's...
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A Templar is a Knight of the Order of the Temple, referring to Solomon's Temple that the Knights protected in Jerusalem during the Crusades. The Knights Templar are Freemasons.   Suellen Ocean is the author of The Celtic Prince available at Amazon and B&N.
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In Hebrew it is "Shelomoh" and in French it is "shalom" which means "peace". Known for his great wisdom, Solomon was the king of the two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, during the 10th century B.C. He was a prolific writer including the book of the bible, Proverbs. Solomon's father was King David, the...
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Would you believe me if I told you it came from a basket? During the great Roman Empire there were many areas needing administration. Thousands of miles of roads were built to reach Roman cities and outposts. Along these great stretches of road, treasure was transported in sealed baskets that were...
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Because the cross was adopted as the symbol for those who partook of the Crusade, the French word for cross is croix (in French croisade means crusade). The Crusade was quite simply a march by Christian European knights, warrior monks and pilgrims to the holy land to gain control of the sacred...
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It was almost impossible choosing between 00000-001, Riddle Me-Tropolis, and Vault for the Year 7 Look Back.  I had wanted to do something special for Cat-Tale #50, and MyklarCure consented to let me take an idea he'd been toying with since Hush and bring it into the CT Universe.  The...