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Declan’s Cross: Carla Neggers A chance meeting, a hidden secret, lies and two paths that cross begin the third in the Donovan/Sharp series titled Declan’s Cross. Lindsey Hargreaves and Julianne Donovan were about to start a business venture that would give Julianne the chance to use her skills as a...
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Well...tomorrow my husband returns from his mother's funeral.  I cleaned house today.  I love clean floors, but it's not my calling in life, to clean them, that is.  The price we pay.  The irony.  My husband retired and got rid of the cleaning lady.  Not that she did all that much, but it certainly...
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I have a deaf kitten. He was about six weeks old when a friend of my husband's brought him over to see if he we wanted a cat. Some mama cat had kittens in his mother's neighbor's backyard or something to that extent, and the kittens were tame, but needed a home.  I wasn't inclined to take one,...
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Clarice is our cat. She is also called, "Little Honey." (Usually screamed above high middle C) She's a female, as her name implies, and as a female she is about average persnickety. Through painful observation and excruciating interactions I have come up with a scale that helps people...