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Nurturance: emotional and physical nourishment, support and care given to someone; the ability to give such care. Transition and nurturance go together. The two are like the rain and sun, night and day. The rain comes, dampens, sometimes floods us and brings the wind with it as its partner to wreak...
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  February 28     Pucker Up     The gifts I never expected, never knew I needed, never imagined wanting, arrive wrapped in fretful apprehension more often than not.  “Who knew?”  I ask myself standing swathed in a skin I never realized I owned.  My identity...
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Sundays are Pancake Sunday at our house.  It's really the only day I cook and I'm working on mastering the art of the pancake.  We've had blueberry pancakes, regular pancakes and this Sunday...buttermilk pancakes. Pancakes are really quite simple, but you need to stick with a basic...
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A drabness overcomes me and mutes me with a darkness to question whether my heart exists beneath this outside facade of wallowing emotion. I know I must connect with my heart again and open that love channel. I’ve learnt how to do it. I need to do it again. So I sit, albeit a squirmy still, close...
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  It was many years ago when I first thought about what that simple, four letter word meant. A word that is so easily thrown around by some yet can be so difficult for others to say, even though they feel it. It’s a word that is with me every second of every day. Love. It can be so simple,...
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"So, what's the deal, man? Did you kiss her yet?" "Yeah, of course I did," I lied. "Where?" I lied again. "You know...over there...behind the portables." "When?" "Um, like...last Wednesday...maybe before that." Fib number three. "Decent. Good deal, bud." It was the autumn of 1976, I was...
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Stephen Parrish is a Category 3 road cyclist who rides for the Athletes By Design (ABD) Astellas Oncology cycling team based in suburban Chicago. This past summer the club received an email from an advertising agency asking cyclists in the 30-40 age category to audition for an ad campaign...
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  February 29   YARD BOAT     Early in my life, I lived in a gated yacht club, the canal passing in front of my home.  I had no boat.  I didn’t know how to sail.  I had not a thought of learning. In later years, I learned to sail.  I covered the water in...
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Language is a tongue that kisses itself.
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Who was it, that first had the idea of putting an x by the signature, to symbolise a kiss? In every social missive we receive, be it an e-mail, a card, or a text message, our contact’s name is appended with an x.  Sometimes, the x brings a friend along; sometimes two.  At other times,...