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The son of the founder of The Hollywood Reporter has apologized for decisions exacted by his dad at the beginning of the Cold War. In a story circulated by the trade publication, Willie Wilkerson expressed remorse on the the eve of the 65th anniversary of his father’s role...
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Kirk and Anne Douglas has doubled their Los Angeles Skid Row pledge for homeless women to $10 million. Named to honor his wife, the Anne Douglas Center for Women at the Los Angeles Mission opened two decades ago on Valentine’s Day.           ANNE / KIRK...
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Kirk Douglas will be the very special guest on stage at a screening of Spartacus on August 13th at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Pete Hammond will serve as moderator for a discussion with the iconic 95-year old actor and producer. The event is sponsored by the Academy of...
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 In 1959, Kirk Douglas made a historic decision as co-producer of Spartacus. The actor wanted screen credit for blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo, who had written many award-winning screenplays (including Roman Holiday) under a pseudonym. A courageous stand overturned a decade of...
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night, arriving at a PBS station, hearing Jack Lemmon talking about Ansel Adams feeling he had to make a statement in the World War II years, which he did by photographing Japanese-Americans held in the internment camp in Manzanar, California, creating a great visual document. A shame Adams didn'...