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The elegance is something that must be whispered and not shouted. ~ Dario Spadea Pandolfi   The Natural World I recallSitting by a creekWith barely a halfInch of Water Flow Softly making Its way over rocksOf various colors,All neutral,Natural,SoothingTo view. When I pickedThem up,MoistAnd...
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That's right, I'm going to be a racial snob because I believe the ten ethnicities that run through my genetic make-up are the best. Now mind you I'm still working on my genealogy and I'm convinced I'll come up with more ethnicities to feed my clannish mentality. I'll probably find African ancestry...
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Why do I keep meeting people I haven't seen for ages? What does it mean? It unsettles me as if they are, in a way, coming to say goodbye to me. And why do they hug me and tell me in precise capsules of conversation their entire lives to date? These ghosts of my past challenge me into a new place. I...
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I have three favorite cities and can't figure out which one I love the most.  London, England, Sedona, AZ and Petersburg, NE (population 380).  I live only 20 minutes south of Sedona which was voted most beautiful city in the US.  It is famed for it's beautiful red cliffs, deep canyons, countless...