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There are many Josephs but two are quite prominent in biblical history. The first is Joseph the son of Jacob. (The twelve tribes of Israel are all the descendants of “Jacob”, whose name later became “Israel”.) Joseph's brothers were jealous of him and sold him as a slave. You'll find the story of...
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Jonathan pronounced, "Yawn-a-tahn" in Hebrew, means, "the Lord has given". There are many historical Jonathans portrayed in the bible but probably the one most remembered is Jonathan, the eldest son of King Saul the first king of Israel. Jonathan is also remembered by his close friendship with...
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So, after writing my blogs this week, I got a chance to practice. Someone in my department messed up and had to leave. My boss and I both liked this person, and so we were temporarily discouraged. We were imagining all this bad stuff that was going to happen to them because they were jobless. By...
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In Hebrew it is "Shelomoh" and in French it is "shalom" which means "peace". Known for his great wisdom, Solomon was the king of the two kingdoms, Israel and Judah, during the 10th century B.C. He was a prolific writer including the book of the bible, Proverbs. Solomon's father was King David, the...
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What brought me to fall of my knees and cry for help? During the 1960's, I lived a hippie lifestyle, partying, experimenting with drugs, and losing all faith in God. I became depressed and suicidal, not knowing where to turn for help. A stranger found me during these desperate times, giving me...