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DARK END OF SPECTRUM will make you think twice before turning on your cell phone or PDA! DARK END OF THE SPECTRUM is a frighteningly plausible and headline ripping tale of the real threats that loom in cyberspace and beyond with a Michael Crichton realism. Based on the author's years of research...
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By Anthony S. Policastro My wife called me at work yesterday and was excited to tell me that Oprah was going berzerk praising the Kindle as her favorite new gadget. "She is just going nuts over it," my wife said. "She has Jeff Bezos on the show, too." CNET and...
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The KINDLE Revolution By Pat Mullan Kindle: to set alight or start to burn; to arouse or be aroused; to make or become bright - from Old Norse Kynda, influenced by Old Norse Kyndill (Candle). It’s winter time here in Connemara, time to be indoors with a good book, time to gather around the fire...
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As of 06/24/08, The Unsuspecting Mage, the first book of my epic fantasy series The Morcyth Saga, has reached the #1 spot for Fantasy eBooks at Mobipocket.com. The saga is seven books long and follows the adventures of a young man who was just looking for a job, but instead finds himself on a world...
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Another rumor circulating around the BookExpoAmerica held in L.A. last week was that the Barnes and Noble book (www.bn.com) chain (an affiliate of iUniverse [www.iuniverse.com]-- owned by the Ingram Book Company [http://ingrambook.com], which supplies about 80% of Amazon.com's books [www.amazon.com...
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BookExpo just ended in Los Angeles, and Jeff Bezos attracted a lot of attention as he announced that Amazon.com's Kindle booksales now amount to 6% of overall sales. According to the reporter, word about the Kindle's ease of use and growing popularity both "energized and unnerved"...
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As part of the promotion for my next release (BONEYARD in July) I'll be holding a series of drawings for an Amazon Kindle, iPod shuffles, Amazon & Starbucks gift certificates, and signed first editions of my books. To enter, just sign up for my newsletter (which I send out VERY sporadically) at...
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A writer friend with an almost-finished book told me recently she thought she would podcast it, skipping the bother of agents and editors and such. This was within the same week that another friend advised his summer reading would be strictly Kindle, skipping the bother of books and magazines and...
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Whenever I take out my Kindle (which is whenever I travel, which is more than I can admit) I feel that exhilarating blend of guilt and thrill that I imagine people feel when they steal jewels. Or ride JetSkis. Actually, I would supposed that if I owned a JetSki, I wouldn't feel the same stew of...
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At Type M for Murder we're disucssing Amazon's Kindle and how it might affect us as writers and readers