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It's been an interesting ride so far on the Kindle publishing program - and I wanted to share what I've learned about analytics and keywords on Amazon. As a little about my own background, I've worked in the computer games and hobby games industries for about twenty years now, on...
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Mind is like a motorcycle helmet. Take it off. Mind is its own risk.
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Those keywords at the end amuse me. It's like, what should I put in here for these little spasms of thinking and writing. It amuses me that they must be catalogued as reference for others to find. Strange other entries appear when you start typing a keyword, startling me with their appearance, the...
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I coach a lot of writers and authors who want to (1) begin blogging, (2) develop more effective blogs or (3) blog a book so they get discovered by an agent or publisher. In all three cases they always ask me how to search engine optimize (SEO) their blog and use keywords in their  posts. I...
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   Think of the reader’s eyes as a scanner and the reader’s brain as a search engine. The eyes are the external collector that sends raw data from the printed page to the processing center deep within the reader’s head. That internal search engine makes continual and critical decisions as to what...
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Part Three of an interview with author and public speaker Brian Tracy:  This part of the interview is about the intensity of life and how to get and keep it.  How to discover your purpose and how to discover it and go after it.  And.  How to better communicate.   http://masscasualties.com/2011...
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Climbing To The Top - A Search Engine's Perspective http://gr5mom2.wordpress.com/ To ‘conquer all obstacles' and get your site climbing higher in those search engines, you must be prepared to do some work. Sure, establishing a readership so those hits magnify in numbers is important, but now...