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It’s a small brass plate with five hooks on it. It hangs just inside the front door of Birdsong…our home. I don’t pay much attention to it. It’s just second nature to unlock the door – open it – and hang the keys on the hook designated for me. Until last week, all five hooks were filled. The first...
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Keys are icons of possibility and mystery.  The keys I have are mostly orphans and duplicates, functional at one time, utilitarian and ordinary from the time they were made, less so now that they just sit purposeless in my bowl on the countertop.   There is one key in particular that is very old;...
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I recall the time I had bought it. To help me tell it apart from the blacks and blues and greys and browns, I had chosen a red suitcase. Usually, I am not even looking at the conveyor belt; I just feel a strange sense of anticipation as I think of the destination I am in – if it is a new place,...
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Review Book reviewer Jacqueline Jung says the disintegration of a love affair sent relationship author Tim Kellis on a quest to figure out why-as well as how he could ultimately experience a blissful relationship. According to Jung's review published in NightsAndWeekends.com, Kellis found some...
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    Yesterday I finally finished the next chapter in the novella I am writing. This chapter like many sat with its beginning words held between my teeth, carried in my armpit, running through my belly, recounted at night before I fell asleep so it would be there waiting for me the next time I...
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 A landing pad is the place where you can come into your home and drop your stuff. This is where you always keep your purse, fanny pack or wallet. Your cell phone plugs in, your keys hung up, and your pockets get emptied all while standing in the same place. Having a designated landing pad area is...