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This Sunday (6-16-13) our Crack Production Staff offers a truly "mixed" media lineup on "The Book, With Earl Merkel"-- showcasing guests whose talents as writers have found wing both as novelists AND in the world of television: • Kathy Reichs (the Temperance Brennan book-series, as well as the...
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How do you pick a favorite detective? There are way too many. It's like picking a mystery genre, I like them all for different reasons. Just like I'm fond of various types of fruit. I can't pick just one. Oranges are juicy and smell like summer while bananas are comforting and apples bring images...
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Past generations had Marilyn Monroe. Future generations still have Marilyn Monroe in this fresh, exhilarating, experimental fiction. ITS' ALL MAKE BELIEVE, ISN'T IT? *Marilyn Monroe Returns* Exotic, tough, spicy... Relentless, poignant, touching...Sexy.Sensational! In paperback or hardcover. www....
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My shameful interview about writing, click here.  Here is a sample: What did you first read? How did you begin to write? Who were the first to read what you wrote? The first book I ever finished reading was "To A God Unknown", a kick-ass, paranoid menu by John Steinbeck. I began writing...