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“All religions serve the purpose of reuniting the soul with God.” -- Paramahansa Yogananda (1893 – 1952)   I once read of a rabbi who corrected a young, arrogant student named Jacob who loved to make fun of Christians. He regarded Christians as ignorant and ill-informed and Christianity as an...
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Do You Really Love? My Spiritual friend, do you light a lover’s fire for your significant other?  Do the ashes of desire for them remain when the flames begin to abate?  If you were to see a family member whom you have not seen for sometime, although you know they exist, hug and kiss them; speak...
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Forgive Me I know of no greater difficulty than aligning these two assembled terms together. Oh, yes indeed, we are all quite capable, for we are endowed with both the intelligence, and acquired abilities to express them in whatever fashion is appropriate.  Nevertheless, they quite often arrive...