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Jupiter | Jupiter

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Bleary-eyed, I sat on the commode looking out the bathroom window. There was once a screen in the window but the landlord removed it four years ago when I toilet had to be replaced. The screen sits on the porch repelling mosquitoes, moths, and insects, ground-based and with wings, from a spot on...
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Dark room, the cold space,    holds the lingering smell of you, as I press my nose to your pillow.   Rising, I walk across the room, to part the curtains and stare, as if I could somehow find you waiting out there.   But, all I can see is Jupiter, nestled close in the cold halo...
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My husband and I have affectionately nicknamed our five-year-old son “quiz master”.  Dinner, car rides and quite moments are now his opportunity to ask us a variety of questions, rapid fire and nonstop.  I’d always heard that children enter a phase where every statement is followed by the...