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By the end of the story, Abu Kasem wants a new pair of slippers. He is able to escape the power of his miserable, old pair. He is a changed man, with a new view of himself and the opportunity to behave differently in his community. He lets go of his precious and delusional persona. We imagine...
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Often my dreamwork students record dreams involving babies.   Frequently the dreamer is careless with the baby, letting it starve or die of neglect, treating it absent-mindedly. Once we begin to practice active imagination, Jung's technique for dreaming further and letting the dreams inform the...
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The Archetype of Same-Sex Marriage         Have you ever wondered why the issue of same-sex marriage is becoming so important in our culture today as a religious and political problem?  What might we learn from American poetry to answer such questions?  It is my personal belief that many of the...