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Since Sotomayer’s appointment to the Supreme Court- which I am very happy about- it has made me think about the little courts that we all hold in our head and heart- especially mine.  Since my court is the only one I can really be sole judge and jury- it needs periodic cleaning, to make sure the...
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There is so much going on today that I cannot blog about it all in length, therefore, I present to you the Blogservations News Brief (and maybe some commentary...ok, mostly commentary). NJ F.R.A.U.D. Report For those of you who have not been reading long or have forgotten, F.R.A.U.D. stands for...
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I heard a very disturbing bit of news this morning. It seems the United States is going to do away with the color-coded threat level alert system that was established in the days after 9-11. Now, this is, once again, Obama harming our country. Why? Simple. I heard from somebody, who knows someone...