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In my Sunday school class, we have been studying the book of John. We talked about Judas. Judas was not just a disciple of Jesus, he was an apostle. He is known as the one who betrayed Jesus, but that’s not always how he was seen by others. In Matthew 10, Jesus sends out his 12 apostles to “drive...
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Photo: Rick, with a customer, from Pawn Stars, on History.com.   --Just read a poem by a Goodreads friend.  At the end of the poem, the bomb-diffuser unfortunately sets off the bomb, and the poem ends with a thrice-repeated "silence."  (It's a good poem, so read it here.) ...
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Well, Judas has been published here, finally. I'm printing a copy to take to my Sunday School. I have also written a new blog post, and many things on Protagonize. www.wellintentionedindecision.blogspot.com www.protagonize.com/author/ElshaHawk I am reading The Host my Stephanie Meyer, and trying...
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If anyone's been over to my blogspot blog, you'd see what a crazy January I'm having! I was however inspired to write about Judas. Been studying about him in Sunday School. He's kind of a representation of many Christians nowadays I'm afraid; going to church, putting up a good front, but not...