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  Heavens to Bilbo, Peter Jackson does go on, doesn’t he? Ever since his masterful Heavenly Creatures (1994), he seems to resist the idea that brevity might be the soul of excitement. Take, for now, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (now available on DVD). I like parts of many of Jackson’s...
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As I spend my days writing Book II of my fantasy and sci-fi novel series – The Soulstealer War – it’s pleasant to consider a tangent every now and again. So it is that RedRoom’s “your favorite poem” caught my eye today. Let me confess… poetry is not my forte. In fact, there was a time in high...
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I was wandering past David Anthony Durham's blog the other day and came across an article he had linked to by Richard K. Morgan. Now Morgan's best known for his gritty sci-fi work, and so I admit I was a bit surprised to see him commenting on fantasy...until I read the article and realized he was...
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 As authors, it is an integral part of our nature to solve mysteries not of our creation: especially those stories writ large by life. We attempt to unravel plot strands, to analyze the most compelling characters in the story. Needles to say, every author rewrites history. In his essay for Salon (...
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I got a puzzling email the other day from the regional representative of the SCBWI. The SCBWI is the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. It's an international organization that basically supports children's writers and illustrators, offering workshops, national and regional...
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Fantasy authors are deeply afraid of cliches. Or, more accurately, fantasy authors are deeply conflicted about them, either incapable of not using them or desperate not to use anything like them. Take a quick Google trip around the Internet and you'll find any number of cliches to avoid like the...