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I was duped. I once hired an illegal immigrant to be a reporter for the Chronicle. "I don't think I'm a criminal," Jose Antonio Vargas told me when we met last week, right before he announced his status to the world. "Don't make me seem guiltier than I am." Jose lied to me and...
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One of my favorites essays, written early into my experience as a blogger after I started my "Running with Stilettos" website, was called "Ripple Effect." It went on and on in colorful and expository fashion for a good thousand words, but boiled down to a sentence or two it was...
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For those interested in what's been written in NF lately, this article should be down your pike. Surely even more will come from my dear Southeast, as the Mississippi River rises and subsides. Share « Previous Entertainment | Next Entertainment » Email Print via www.theatlantic.com
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Once, in the olden days, I launched a real estate career to support my addiction to newspaper writing. Had a ball, made a bundle. (It was a time of The-Sky-Is-Falling white flight in my southern town, and I hit #1 for Century/21 in the Southeast -- not for handling the BigDeal estates but for...
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One of the many maxims we learn in journalism is to not just report a story, but to get at what the story is really about. The difference between the two perspectives is the difference between a cloud and solid ground. The principle applies to all nonfiction (see The Art of Nonfiction: A Guide for...
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Welcome to April 2011's "Upheavals" issue. +++++EDITOR'S NOTE Gentle greetings to all our fellow sojourners... In a season of tough shifts, we're making some changes at the site to provide a new perspective on evergreen subjects, and elsewhere on the Internet we're following history as it...
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It's April 1 --known gleefully as "April Fool's Day"-- when we gullible types are the foils of those who prey on our innocence with outlandish, often incredible, stories. Everybody gets a healthy guffaw from this (tho the laugh of the "fool-ee" is usually somewhat strained).  So...
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I was on the other side, being interviewed. It wasn’t the first time but I constantly found myself asking the questions inside my head. It’s part of the experiences I have had. So, before I get to me, I shall get to them. How does it feel to get into the mind of someone, I am often asked. The...
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Woke up to green tea. And green grass. On which three bodies had fallen. The newspaper’s image was without them. Bodiless grass. Malad, Mumbai. A 31-year-old threw her son down from the 19th floor. Then her daughter. They were seven and nine years old. She flung herself after that. Dead on...
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In December, I posted a video/blog post critiquing the disturbing interview of a victim on the Today Show. It was pretty awful, and riled a lot of you up. This morning, I'm happy to report the flipside, on the same show. Watch how Ann Curry handles the end of this interview with a rattled mom,...