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photo: The Oscar statuette, or the Academy Award, but actually officially called the Academy Award of Merit, from Oscars.com.   Not too much to say about this award show.  I saw most of the nominated films, including:   Prometheus, which I can't believe I never wrote a blog for....
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Photo: The Golden Globe   A few quick things about the [see title]:   --Yes, I can be a big fan of football games and yet still watch the Golden Globes.  (In fact, I was told recently that I know the sport perhaps a little too well.)  One of my favorite high school memories...
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photo: Movie poster, from its Wikipedia page   A few comments about Steven Spielberg's Lincoln, which you should go see:   --I was pleasantly surprised to find myself sitting in the second row from the front for this film.  Spielberg film or not, historical films or biopics do not...
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Thursday June 26,  Thomas Glave, Faith Adiele, Ruth Forman, Gregory Allen Howard, Diem Jones, Elmaz Abinader with Tony Khalife--hosted by Aimee Alllison Thursday July 3, Chris Abani, Mat Johnson, Suheir Hammad, David Mura and Elmaz Abinader  Hosted by ZZ Packer www.voicesatvona.org/events Two days...