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A recent article in the New York Times about John Waters reminded me how much I dig this guy. John Waters has always been himself. He doesn't give a good goddam what you think about what he does or says or what kind of movies he makes. He's not aggressive about it. He just is. There are really...
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I’ve just finished John Water’s latest funhouse of memories and musings, Role Models. There’s a spray of pink slips of paper sprouting from the top of it now – markers of captivating passages. I know, I know. With an e-reader you can highlight, search for keywords and deodorize a room at the...
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 Desperate Living: John Waters' Science Fiction Dystopia  Alan N. Shapiro  Maybe it was the mono sound of my budget-priced video recorder, which the salesperson at Saturn Hansa had dubbed the 'Trabant' (der Trabi, das Symbol eines verschwundenen Landes, the symbol of a disappeared country, hat...
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It seems it is the season for paroling women who attempt to assassinate our presidents and those who commit heinous crimes. Sara Jane Moore, the middle aged woman and a mother who shot at Pres. Ford in 1975 was released from prison December 2007. Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, the...