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Suddenly over the past weekend (8/25-26)… All those contentious words flying around the web for weeks on the subject of book reviews (Too nice? Too nasty? Not worth the trouble?) got trumped. In a sprightly expose in the New York Times with the irresistible title, “The Best Book Reviews Money...
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According to an article dated 10 January 2012 by Dave Lee in the BBS News Business section, Julia Keller, the 164-year-old Chicago Tribune's Pulitzer Prize-winning cultural critic says there is a "revolution" going on. Until recently, considered "desperate" and "egotistical" she nows thinks of self...
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Many authors and people in the publishing business are using the words “monopolistic” when it comes to Amazon for a few reasons. One is that traditional publishers were slow to understand digital publishing the way the music industry was slow. The music industry shot off its feet with two barrels....
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THE 99-CENT EBOOK DILEMMA: ROAD TO SUCCESS OR A SUGGESTION “IT SUCKS”? When Amanda Hocking first made news earlier this year that a 26-year-old out of Austin, Minnesota, could become a millionaire by selling her books for 99 cents on Kindle, anyone with a flicker of a story hammered it out and...
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I’m new to Twitter. Now that I’m there, I’m seeing all sorts of Tweets on self-publishing, which is clearly the new Gold Rush. Here’s one tweet (love that word):      If I Were a Newly Self-Published Author, What Steps Would I Take To Succeed? http://bit.ly/dh8I7N  It’s...
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Perhaps the biggest touchstone in my life--though I didn't know it at the time--was when President John F. Kennedy spoke at Rice University's football stadium in Houston, Texas, in the late summer of 1962, the day before my tenth birthday. He said, "We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go...