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After four months of fundraising through Indiegogo, we’ve begun principal production of our Forgotten Hollywood Documentary, with Lionel Barrymore as our primary subject. Nervousa Films was on hand to capture first person interviews of Academy Award winning actress Margaret O’Brien; and Scott...
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Summertime 2012 is expected to be a classic cinema lolllapalooza! Let me provide a few savory examples… EXHIBIT A: A limited screening of Christopher Plummer’s newest film release is now here. As I mentioned in a previous blog, the actor will profile the legendary John Barrymore. I’m...
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“A man is not old until he has more regrets than dreams.”  John Barrymore So you have to ask yourself, how old are you?  Do you have more dreams or do you have more regrets? Youth is typically filled with an abundance of aspirations and an excess of idealistic notions; there is rarely a...
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              JOHN BARRYMORE  CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER Chistopher Plummer is on a roll. His next assignment after winning an Oscar last month, is a two-person show exploring the life of John Barrymore. Plummer’s performance in 1997 on...
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                                             Actor John Barrymore was born...
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Lionel Barrymore’s annual radio performance of playing Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol led to Frank Capra casting the veteran actor as Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life. He honored us as Scrooge for seventeen years; a holiday tradition that began...