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6,000 to 8,000 jobs cut globally by my corporation this week.  One person wrote of the irony at their corporate campus.  New hire orientation was beginning as the newly fired milled around with glassy eyes, awaiting their packages. We - the employees - expected it.  The CFO had...
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So a senior VP is retiring.  It's like, yeah?  So?   What difference did he bring to the office?  I could never tell.  It's the trickle down theory of management at work here with elements of the oral word game, telephone.  By the time his words of wise guidance...
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Silence. No emails today at work, one conference call. Ah, but the calendar tells the tale. It's the week of the traditional firings. Don't call them layoffs. The company doesn't expect to bring you back. They're done with you unless they're not because of their miscalculations. That's happened...