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The timeless Disney tune It’s a Small World wafting through our memories from past theme park vacations turns 50 this year, and on Thursday, Disney parks worldwide hosted a global sing-along. The It’s a Small World number and animatronic attraction debuted at the 1964 New York World’...
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Bob Thomas was a film industry biographer and reporter who worked for the Associated Press since 1944. Acclaimed as the dean of Hollywood reporters, Thomas has been writing about the movie business for the AP since the days when Hollywood was run by the men who founded it: Darryl F....
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On this date in 1977, legendary actress Joan Crawford dies at her New York City apartment.                                   ...
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Since Christmas I’ve been immersed in a nice big stack of brand new Velva Jean research books, including one about the MGM backlot, the most famous backlot in history. Everything from The Wizard of Oz to Ben-Hur to Singin’ in the Rain was shot there, and it’s estimated that twenty percent of...
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I was forty last week and, quite surprisingly, nothing fell off, exploded, or drooped without warning... despite warnings that all of those things could happen, and the insistence from certain parties that reaching this great landmark would be enough to strike fear into the heart of the most well-...
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San Francisco: We had a lively discussion today around the HarperOne lunch table about parenting. In short, we agreed that it is a good idea. I was blathering on like I am a good dad when it me: I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE KEATON IS. Keaton is my virtual son. I learned about Keaton on April 1 (really)...