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Jim Murray's first column appeared on February 12, 1961. Titled “In This Corner, With the Pen, Is the New Guy,” it started out, “I have been urged by my friends - all of whom mean well - to begin writing in this space without introducing myself, as if I have been standing here all the while only...
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COPYRIGHT (2011)   Contents   The Daily Travers A Depression kid “. . . Beyond the darkness the West” Noir and marriage Show biz is not a business Murray, Nixon and Checkers Sports Illustrated The Times they are a changin' Decade of change The Column Civil war Halcyon days Visionaries...
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 THE POET: THE LIFE AND LOS ANGELES TIMES OF JIM MURRAY Forget Ring Lardner, Grantland Rice, Westbrook Pegler, Red Smith, Jimmy Cannon or Jimmy Breslin. Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times was the single greatest columnist who ever lived. Not merely the best sports columnist; the best writer,...