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(NOTE: Here we all are/Sittin’ in a rainbow/Hello Mrs. Jones/How’s your Bert’s lumbago?/I’ll sing you a song,/With no words and no tune/To sing at your party/While you suss out the moon/Lazy Sunday afternoon/I got no mind to worry/I close my eyes and drift away) Mr. Detroit is back in town after...
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Well, if you're going to be a champion of the printed word, lobby and agitate on behalf of the power of literature, you'd better be an avid reader.  Over the past couple of years, what with working like a drudge on several novels and various side projects, my reading had been drastically...
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(February 17, 2009) Co-founding Narrative editor Tom Jenks talks to Judy Darley at essentialwriters.com about opening the mail, enlarging our view of ourselves and the world, and the wisdom found in eating oysters with friends.  To read the interview, go HERE.
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I’m quite fascinated with the method Jim Harrison has used to tell “Dalva” and “The Road Home”, and I’m wondering what other people think about it. The books are a study in the depth of time, of the similarities between the patriarch, a man involved with the Lakota in the Sand Hills of Nebraska...