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During the Diaspora Jews stuck together and after all those years, during Colonial times, these pioneer American families were still sticking together. I often wonder whether the younger generations were aware of their Jewish heritage or if the older generations guided them to choose Jewish...
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I believe it was in the 1960s when I started hearing the term "Anglo-Saxon". I'm pretty sure it was derogatorily, if even subtly and I was never quite sure what it meant except that I assumed that I was one of "them" but now that I know my extensive family history, I know that I...
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Many are becoming interested in their family genealogy but become discouraged when the trail comes to an end. Who was the father or mother of this ancestor? Where did they come from? They’ve got to be out there somewhere. “Somebody help me!” is a common phrase I see all the time on the ancestry...
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Passover 2011        This Passover, as we celebrate our ancestors’ freedom from slavery, we reconnect through our most important holiday with our centuries-long traditions. It is incumbent upon us to contemplate the broader concept of freedom and what it means to us as individuals, as members of...
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Songs of Songs What are the 100 greatest Jewish songs ever? Tablet Magazine’s musicologists rank them all, from sacred to pop to hip-hop, from Rabbi Akiva to Amy Winehouse. 21. “Ol’ Man River” (1927) There had never been a showtune like the centerpiece ballad of Show Boat—a meditation on race,...
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Being Jewish there was no way my parents would have a Christmas Tree. When I was five and my sister Alice eight, we begged for something so mom and dad finally bought a facsimile tree small enough to sit on the kitchen table. What five year old doesn't believe in Santa? I was still under the spell...
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In the movie When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal's character makes a passionate case that a man can't be friends with a woman because he's always thinking about having sex with her. In 2003, when I became friends with Ted, a transplanted Yankee radio engineer who set up my NC recording studio,...
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I invite you to read my review of BJ Rosenfeld’s “The Chameleon in the Closet”: titled A Mother’s Love Versus Her Sons’ Religious Demands: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carol-hoenig/a-mothers-love-versus-her_b_772859.html
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The paperback of War on the Margins will be out (in the UK only, I'm afraid) in mid-September. It has just been nominated for the autumn 2010 Peoples' Book Prize, which is  very exciting! You can vote for it by clicking the link; it just takes a minute to register.   I revised the ms for Flesh...
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This week, I interview Terrance Gelenter, who's earned the nickname "Mr. Paris" with his inside knowledge and outgoing charm.  For Paris Writers News   Terrance's first book, From Bagels to Brioches: Paris Par Hasard, is coming out this month.      LZ : What brought you to Paris...