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Jewish New Year | Jewish New Year

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I’ve never really celebrated New Year’s because it doesn’t mean much to me. It’s a relatively arbitrary date. The calendar numbers change, but that’s all. It’s not a universal new beginning. The Chinese New Year this year is on January 31, the Jewish New Year is on September 24, the Persian New...
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My mother had three brothers, and two of them lived in a Kibbutz. Before their mother, my grandmother died, she asked her children to keep in touch, and suggested that during the Jewish holidays each Kibbutz’s brother would host an urban sibling. Thus, throughout my childhood we spent every New...
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  Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, there's a new iPhone on the market.   We can celebrate with apps and honey.
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I learned that my local community center was having a talent show and to be in it members needed to apply with letter of interest, description of talent or resume, wait to be selected for auditions, then wait to be selected to perform. I applied to play my flute.   I thought I'd be...