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“February is Women in Horror Month,” writes Sumiko Saulson of the examiner.com Arts and Entertainment section.  ”It is part of an initiative designed to celebrate and bring attention to the achievements of women in all aspects of the horror genre.” Sumiko features ten women horror writers...
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(1958 photo of James Baldwin by Motike Weissman) Earlier this year, August 2, numerous individuals and institutions acknowledged the eighty-seventh anniversary of the birth of American author James Baldwin, and on December 1 observers noted the twenty-fourth anniversary of his death at the age of...
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10.  Max Wolf Valerio I first heard Max read at the National Queer Arts Festival 2009.  I was invited to their reading, Exile: Vision Quest at the Edge of Identity,  by Aja Couchois Duncan (Ojibwe poet who did not make this list, but who writes a beautiful blog, that deserves mention.  http://www....
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When I was a little girl, we sometimes found ourselves one person short when we tried to jump rope. One of us had to swing the end of the rope and the other was meant to jump -- but who was to swing the other end? Sometimes we'd make do by tying the rope onto a fence. Black feminists are like that...
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In recognition of Black History Month, it's been my pleasure to solicit articles for AOL's Black Voices and for Red Room from authors, each of whom has a unique and important take on the celebration. From actor and author Michael Boatman's witty and wise take on black stereotypes to April Sinclair'...
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I'm reading with Jewelle Gomez and Marvin K. White at the Polk Street Good Vibrations, the San Francisco institution for all things sexual, on Thursday, October 23 at 6:30pm.  Please come for the poetry, free anthologies, wine and fellowship.