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True confessions. I haven’t read any of Jessica Barksdale Inclan’s romance novels although I’m sure they are wonderful. Instead, I got to know Jessica first when we both attended a poetry workshop at Esalen Institute way back in 2001. We reconnected several years later when I took her UCLA Writer’s...
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When I was writing novels that were labeled literary or contemporary, some of my readers complained that the novels were to sad.  People died in my novels.  People were often unhappy.  Some of the readers asked for happy endings, redemption, or, at least, nice parents.  Grace, perhaps.  Hope. When...
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Two of my new poems are up at The Smoking Poet today: http://thesmokingpoet.tripod.com/summer2008/id10.html (I had to break my memory bank for "Blind Date.") Check out Jessica Inclan's wonderful poems while you're there!