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                I’ve written before about how my dog Remy has taught me about living, not that I’ve taken any of his lessons to heart, so easily do I fall prey to stress and imminent disaster. Yet every day, Remy plunges pell-mell into life, happy for...
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I've been mostly MIA on this site, leaving behind daily blogging for other writing. When I was working on a novel a year (or more) I wasn't able to spend a great deal of time crafting poems, strories, and essays. The blogging here at Redroom was like a warm-up, a precursor, a revving of my creative...
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About a hundred years ago, maybe back in 1995, I came home from a writing workshop.  I'd been gone a week.  My younger son was only 7, but instead of falling into all their open arms, I headed right to my computer and wrote a story, the spine of it coming together in less than an hour....
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I did it.  I accomplished what I suggested Jessica Barksdale do.  I deleted the people I do not know, or barely know, from Facebook.  Now I have sixty-odd people I do enjoy, old friends, new friends I find sympatico, classmates I've not seen in over 30 years, or writers whose words I've come to...